Just a quick note to let you all know I am on holiday until 15th June and will be unable to reply to enquiries until then.

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4mm Scratch Build – Wheelchair

This was a tricky but fun job. Rich knew he wanted a war veteran in a wheelchair but couldn’t find a suitable figure. No problem – I will make you one. The wheelchair was scratch built in nickel silver and brass and the figure is a lightly converted Dapol figure. The other soldier is made by Dart Castings.

4mm scale which is of course 1/76 …







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Can you guess who they are ?

Sometimes a client will come to me with a very firm idea of what they want – this job was one of those. One of the figures needed a new hair do sculpting on. I am sure you can guess who these two shopkeepers are.

4mm scale figures ….oah

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7mm Model Railway Figures – Staff & Passengers

A selection of 7mm figures …



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4mm Edwardian Figure – Would look great on a 009 Layout

This is a figure sculpted by Stadden’s and has amazing detail – this was a joy to paint

A 4mm figure ….




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4mm Custom and Converted Figures

I had a customer who needed some figures to show some refitting of the overhead lines on a trolley bus that was on his model railway layout. After checking the height of the wire on his layout I came up with these two converted figures for hiem.

These are 4mm scale figures …


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Figure Restoration – Repaint 7mm

Sometimes I get asked to repaint a figure and sometimes even to repair one. This figure involved both. The figure somehow had ended up aith a hand missing/ This is a 7mm scale figure …




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New style for my 7mm model railway figures

I have recently been refining a different painting style for my 7mm figures.

I was using a similar style for these as the one I was using on my 4mm figures and I wasn’t completely convinced it suited 7mm figures as well.

It has taken quite a bit of experimentation to get this to where I want – thank heavens you can easily strip metal figures off and try again. I like to refer to these figures as ‘Splash Test Dummies’.

I have a few refinements to try but this is the direction I am now heading in for 7mm. The basic technique is using artists inks.

I wanted to desaturate the colours without losing all the contrast. what I have aimed for is the colour depth that we are used to seeing in older colour photographs and then knocking that back even further to demonstrate the change of colours when seen at a distance – scale colouration of you like.




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4mm Railway Figures

Here is the latest commission of 4mm Model Railway Figures all finished






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4mm Hunt Scene

This group is from an older set of castings by Langley and was for a commission were the client supplied the figures. Do you have some figures in a drawer you would like painted ?

I think the dogs were actually quite nice – oh, and the fox is from Dart Castings







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